Wednesday, May 9, 2012


My new colleagues from the State Project last week (hopefully I get to work with them again) taught me TLC.  They didn't teach me directly, however, I absorbed the importance of TLC from them.  I was empowered by how these phenomenal teachers talk, act, laugh, and share.  Although this is my very first experience in this project, I didn't feel any intimidation because of their TLC.  I was cared yet respected by loving and caring characters of the team members.  It is evident these ladies enjoy giving TLC to their students in their classroom.  Being part of the team is a great comfortable feeling I haven't felt for a long time.  It is true that confidence and comfort make a difference in learning.  Their students are so lucky to have them.  I said good bye to myself of past, and decided to be a caring person.  This is only day 3 after my return to school.  But my message seems like it is seeping slowly through my classroom, too.   One student couldn't focus on the book at his level.  I sat down by this student who has constant troubles. I wrote a note and put it on his desk quietly while the others are reading.  "I respect you because you respect me.  Will you be willing to work with me?" With this note, I quickly made another note that has the page numbers of the book.  He started reading, marking off the page numbers on the other note.  I hope my students start noticing the internal shift in my mind.  Tender Loving Care is a phrase I learned a long time ago.   I thought I knew about and I thought I have been doing TLC.  The reality is that it just started sprouting in my teaching career.  Quiet and powerful message.  This is a special thank you note for my new friends, Nicole, Heather, and Tara.  They even run as fast as a cheetah!