Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sounds Like an Orchestra

Maestro Seiji Ozawa
The stunning sound of piano concerto, Rhapsody in Blue, is coming from the FM station.  I wonder how music, without words, conveys an astonishing amount of emotion into human (animals and plants, in some cases) lives.  It finally clicked.  A story that my music theory teacher told me before my high school graduation was this. 

"Teaching is like conducting an orchestra. There are so many different types of students' needs and personalities in addition to colleagues and families.  Teachers are the ones who enable to maximize their potentials and accomplishments on every student.  So your classroom will be vibrant and harmonious in learning.  Your music background will help tremendously on your teaching career."

All instrumental groups join in the grand finale after the piano solo.  I was visualizing different faces in my classroom.  Mr. Nakata was right.  A puppy trainer cannot train 25 puppies as rescue dogs all at once.  But a conductor inquires an individual unique sound from each and every instrument.  When all instruments take responsibility with dignity, in which they feel joy for being in a team, together, conductor and instrument players create a master piece that move the audience. 

All students know their goals and routine so they will initiate and engage on their learning.  A teacher is a conductor. She doesn't seem so important, but she knows where her learning team goes.  When she needs a specific talent, her baton points a specific student to assist.    Teaching is an orchestra.  Learning is an art.  It is eternal.  It is infinite.