Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Warm Hearted Beings

Sharing stories around the fire is such a luxury.  It doesn't matter if it is rustic camp fire flames trying to reach dazzling stars in the long summer night, or a heavy stone fire place with an occasional cracking sound surrounded by people with hot cocoa mugs in their hand.  I believe that fire has a special substance that promotes both energy and calmness in human brains. This makes our bodies relax and enjoy our company, no matter who we are or where we are.  Here is one of the most amazing stories at our New Years' Eve party.

When I was in the healthy supplements sale's booth in the fair, I was nervous.  Although I fully believed in the products, I was the worst sales person ever.  I wasn't confident that I could convince costumers to buy the products. Sure enough, my sales record on the first day was worse than terrible.  

To my surprise, my boss paused and brought up an alternative option instead of scolding me. " I remember you are good at giving massages. I will bring a massage chair tomorrow, so you will give 5 minute chair massage to the customers. You will get some tips."  

On the next day, I saw a sign up sheet on the table in my booth that was full.  I was very thankful for this opportunity that I knew I was good at.  I did my best I could throughout the day with my heart fulfilled.  The next day was similar. But even better, I was confident and relaxed.  I could even observe another booth from my spot. One I was curious about was a hand made "energy" jewelry booth.  During my break time, I visited the booth and immediately my eye was transfixed to the rainbow colored stone shaped like a butterfly.  I picked it up and admired it for a long time.  Five hundred dollars was not a price I could afford in my current life for just one piece of jewelry, so I could only touch and look. The lady in the booth approached me and said,"You really like it, don't you?  I will put a chain in this stone so you can wear it.  I know you are working over there at that booth.  Wear it for today and bring it back at the end of a day."  As soon as the chain went around my neck and the butterfly stone touched on my skin, my eyes were filled with flashback memories of my terrible choices in the past and my true heart accepting them, absorbing them, and cleansing them.  I was healing.  At the end of another successful massage session day, I brought it back to the jewelry lady.  She said, "Wear it tonight and bring it back tomorrow.  I trust you."

"Does this butterfly stone really have such miracle power?"  I wondered.  "Why does this lady treat me so well and trust me?"  While simple questions and appreciation were zigzaging in my head, I  peacefully dozed off that night.

In the morning of my third day of the fair, I was simply too busy to return the magic butterfly stone to the lady. I was hoping she wasn't mad and understood I wasn't forgetting to return.  Just before I was about to visit her, she walked over me.  "I am sorry for holding this for a long time," I immediately apologized.  She grinned kindly.  "It's ok.  It's now officially yours.  Someone who received your massage visited my booth and told me, 'That massage lady really needs that pendant,' and purchased it for you.  So it's paid.  It's yours."  She and I held hands each other and shared tears.

At the end of her story, I, too, shed some tears.  Is it really a magic stone?  I don't know.  What I know is that this stone is a symbol of compassion.  This one extraordinary memory can change the lives of people who have been involved with it. There are so many things that you wish to go away, yet you have to deal with them anyway.  In those negatively visioned everyday circumstances, one powerful and positive experience keeps you courageous. If only one positive experience influences your life so effectively, what would happen if you have many positives?   Alex Korb, PhD  states that self-affirmation boosts the prefrontal cortex's ability.  His advice is that forgiving another person, reflecting on your own actions, and considering another person's feelings, initiate the improvement of perseverance (how well you can stick to your determination) scientifically.

Dalai Lama posted on the New Years' Facebook page, "... to be more sincere, compassionate, warm-hearted beings, trying to make our world a more equal place.  That's actually make it a happy year."  I am so happy to welcome a new year with my great health, wonderful families, and friends.  Hope many positive conversations and memories around the fire will be shared in 2014.