Monday, January 19, 2015

Math Labyrinth

What a tough year, the fourth grade is!  Algebraic math problems begin to challenge me.  The question is simple enough to find out the number of bananas and apples.  My brain is not simple enough to bring the answer.  My notebook pages are full of apples, bananas, numbers, circles, scratches, equations, but not the answers.  Literally, I am going bananas!  I ask Ms. Wada, if she can teach me.  I think I understand from her help, but immediately after I start working on it independently, everything gets confused again.  Second time asking Ms. Wada is still fine, however, she looks reluctant to face at me at the third time.  I feel bad for her just because I am the cause of her headache by being lost in the algebra labyrinth. 

Every night, apples and bananas haunt me in my dreams.  I desperately want to understand this math situation.  So I decide to ask Ms. Wada again, with a same problem.  She tiredly looks at me and says, “Well, you don’t have to understand this problem.  Just let go.” 

On the math test sheet, I notice the same problem that I have never reached to solve.  Needless to say, I have no clue what to do.  Ms. Wada has said, “Let go.”  So I did.  But it is not all.  90% of all problems are Apples and Bananas questions!  I have nothing to do with these fruity problems but let go.  How pathetic!  One day later Ms. Wada is ready to return tests back to us. 

As soon as my eyes meet my teachers red marks, I learn that I made my worst record in the test, 10% out of 100%.  My eyes are welled.  My pride cannot let go of this.  But I also know Ms. Wada would spit her words at my very own face, “Let go.” I wish I could hate her.