Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Sixth Core Preposition

"We call 'Confluence' the sixth core preposition," one of the National Board Teacher leaders announced in the Leadership Conference.  Confluence?  Its definition can be found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary easily.  What I understand about the Five Core Propositions are commitment, knowledge, management, reflection, and communication.  The distinguished teachers nail all five areas effectively.  Now, put all the strength together and bring the new educational leadership.  We all applauded and were excited about our future leadership journey.

The word "Confluence" came back into my mind again just recently.

It started during a Six Week Mindfulness Online Course (Mindful School).  As soon as I started my course, a related link connected me to Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).  When students are socially and emotionally content (by being aware and managing their feelings), they engage and exceed themselves in their academics.  The article concluded the effectiveness of  adopting Mindfulness into CASEL.  CASEL also reminded me of Love and Logic  that I have been using at home and in the classroom.  Both CASEL and Love and  Logic value healthy relationships.  Kids are encouraged to solve their own problems via trusted adults providing them with their own thinking opportunities.  During the process, kids think about their own feelings, the problem itself, possible consequences, and possible solutions by themselves.  This idea lead me into the Second Step curriculum by Committee for Children.  Particularly, one of the lessons in this curriculum teaches young children explicitly about "Belly Breathing".  This brought me back to Mindfulness (What is Mindfulness).

Then, I wondered how powerful it is when many streams come together to become one.  My vision of "one" is of enormous nature; the mouth of the Columbia River that separates Oregon and Washington. That impressive nature view can be our essential goal: children's well being.  I feel full of hope and responsibility to be involved with young children's education.  To start with, I will try my own mindful exercise through simple guidance such as the Smiling Mind that my study buddy recommended. Is my brain going to thoughtfully respond instead of impulsively react with practice?  I look forward to recognizing myself.  To be continued.