Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Anxiety

If you feel a little anxious as soon as August button hit, most likely you are a teacher.  I have several smiling facial images from happily retired teachers in my mind.  One day I will  be one of them, fishing trip until November if I want.  But for now, I am trying to reduce my stress, store my strength, and generae my inspiration to prepare for the upcoming new school year.

Fist of all, practicing daily mindfulness, especially with Smiling Mind, helped to focus on peace and gratitude of my being.   Breathing exercise itself helps my reflective part of brain (prefrontal cortex) instead of reactive part (amigdala). Knowing the scientific fact encourages me to continue practicing.  Even though I am just a beginner of mindfulness, my stress should lessen than previous Augusts.

Maintaining physical strength is as important as mental strength.  Keeping up with daily thirty minutes walk, flapping arms like jelly fish, stretching side core by laying side way on the exercise ball,  and being from cobra to downer dog are only some of the examples.   Hopefully, some degree of the diligent work habit would remain in the daily routine after September.

Watching people who keep challenging themselves beyond their limit uplifts my spirit.  Yes, I am talking about American Ninja Warrior.  The strong desire, determination, and hard working make all contestants winners no matter how far they would go through the obstacles.  I am simply in front of TV clapping and cheering.   Ninjas are my inspiration.  It makes me believe that I can achieve anything if I desire strong enough.

After three deep breaths, I became confident.  I can kick out of my August anxiety from my system.