Monday, August 6, 2012

Everyday is a Gift

"Life is short..."  We often hear this phrase, however, how many people really comprehend it in depth?   If you have attended somebody's memorial, you might realize how realistic it means to your own life.  Sharing tears and fond memories among families and friends comfort your feeling.  At the same time, bitterness and sweetness gradually transform inside of you.  How do you reflect his bitter sweet experiences into your still going life?  In other words, what phrases would you continue after, "Life is too short, ..." ? 

The National Teacher of the Year, Rebecca Mieliwock's story is covered in the August 2012 edition of Costco magazine.  She promotes positive thinking among her students, just like many other teachers.  She quotes, "Life is very, very short.  Every day is a gift." She teaches her students their classroom as their own lives.  It is a wise transformation that young children actually visualize their own self-respect and responsibilities.  If your time is limited, you would like to be happy.  There is no time to whine.  They have to do something about it.

This wise advise reminds me of the "Flip Psychology" lectured by Mary Lee Tracy, the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Coach.  "Have you felt fear at a gymnastics meet?" she asks a roomful of young gymnasts including two Junior Olympic Champions who accompany their coach.  Most hands are up, but surprisingly, the two junior champions' hands are too.  "What are you afraid of?"  the coach continues.  One of the champions replies, "If I would fall (from the high bar)."  The last word in this sentence is "fall".  Mary Lee explains, if "fall" is the last word right before your performance, your focus becomes "fall".  "To conquer your fear, you have to 'flip' your thought.  How do you think you can prevent falling?"  The champion says, "Grips."   Her inner voice coaches her brain.  She is conditioning her brain as she does to her physical muscles during her daily workout.  Just like flipping a coin, you maintain control to your own circumstances in positive way.  Coaches and teachers are there for their students to provide guidance for when and how to "flip" some situations. 

Nobody would purposely ruin a gift which is given just for you.  You will take care of it and appreciate it.  Every day is a gift.  My job is to model how I implement staying in positive by using a magic word, "FLIP" during busy school days.  So students will understand why I expect and teach them to work hard and accomplish it.  I cannot wait to celebrate successful self-coaching skills among my students.  Each celebration is the evidence of independence.

Life is short.  Every day is a gift.  I love my gift and enjoy it every day.