Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mama's at School

One of new discoveries in the U.S. was to acknowledge a large number of mothers who decided to go back to school.  These courageous women often work full time or part time with multiple number of children.  No wonder American moms are so powerful and energetic. 

The student intern attending to my classroom is one of them.  I see her with awe literally every day especially when I have flashback memories of my student teaching days.  I admit I was a cocky and sassy college girl.  Sadly true, too, was that I misunderstood my cockiness and sassiness were confidence.  Of course the age matters, however, the life experience is one of the largest factors that would turn around your perspectives.  As a full time student, I was in my small college dorm wondering all about myself all by myself.  I often thought about the daily meals I had to feed myself.  I dream about my future.  I juggled my schedule among classes, parties, part time works, travels, etc.  I picked up the phone and complained to my friend about my teacher after each night of my student-teacher's days.  They are all necessities in the process of independence that I value, however, I forgot a piece of puzzle in my college year.  Being humble.

It is always simple.  Eating dinner with family.  Talking about what a great meal we are sharing.  Exchanging "I love you" each day.  Hugging just because I want to.  Being a center of the family is hassle and sometimes it could be a burden.  At the same time, family experiences enrich and make you grow as a person.  It is priceless.  These women miraculously manage everything, from today's dinner, children's homework, Thanksgiving menu, and more, on top of their own school work!   Being loved, appreciative, and humble are the incredible reasons why mothers exhibit resilience on their own learning as they are.  That's why I admire moms at school.

As a mother and an educator, I would like to support moms who want to learn as much as I can.  I would like moms to take advantage of their strength and maturity by just being a mom, if they ever want to pursue career.  Starting to learn is never too late.  When your blood starts boiling for learning, that is the time at however age you are.  Similarly true that learning will never end.  I hope wives and moms in Japan are interested in my voice.