Monday, May 9, 2016

Be Humble

The first time that I read Charlotte's Web, I thought Charlotte was just teaching her little friend interesting words and their definitions.  I totally ignored Charlotte's actions of explaining their meanings without using words herself.  Look at the word "humble". 

Surely it is Charlotte and her creative work that is humble: she asks for no prizes, no recognition, only the assurance that her best friend will be spared from the Christmas table. In a world where few people seem connected enough to nature and open to the beauty of the world because they are constantly seeking success, power or wealth, Charlotte represents a truly humble soul who needs nothing more than her feelings to create a miracle. Her love for Wilbur is enough to do that.  (excerpt from Charlotte's Web Summary)

As a parent, I always dream about my own children's successes.  Is it because I am looking for power and wealth in their future lives?  I may have thought about it indirectly.  How much do I have to get involved and advocate them?  I paused for a moment.  The point is what kind of success you are talking about as well as what kind of power and wealth.

Power of choice, for instance.  If your child is confident enough to make great decisions in his life, that's his success.  That is the power.  Another example is wealth of knowledge.  If your child always enjoys new knowledge, that's her success.  She will have a rich knowledge to fulfill her life and continue her desire to learn.

Failure.  Let your child fail.  If your child struggles, searches for answers, and finds a way to flip his disappointment into triumph, that process is called "success".  Don't give him answers easily.  I humbly advocate my children by letting them take risks.  I want them to feel successful by being able to enjoy themselves and their lives.  It will be "Terrific"!