Sunday, May 8, 2016

Break from the Silence

There once was a boy in Japan who had been sleeping for the last three years.  As he slept, he grew.  His arms and legs outgrew from his bed.  Although his parents worried, of course, they laid back because he looked content, happy, and like he was growing so strong.  One day, out of the blue, he woke up.  "Mother, Father, I have a duty.  I must go."  He had been thinking about how he could protect his village from the evil villain in his sleep.  Or perhaps he had pretended to be sleeping all along.  Off he went.  Face to face.  He recruited some helpers and got this evil villain out of the village.  The villagers appreciated this boy's action and respected the importance of "Thinking time".........

I finally break my silence like this boy.  I haven't seen a villain in my life nor have I found some tactic for brilliant ideas.  But I feel like I have stored a good amount of energy during the long silence.  I have been practicing mindfulness at home and at the classroom every day starting shortly before the break from my blog.  I also started a gratitude journal with my family.  I tried to make at least one compliment randomly every day.  I continued exercise and yoga.  There have been ups and downs, however, all experiences became my blood.

People need breaks and rest.  I now understand this.  It is okay to be tired.  It is okay to take a break whether it's long or short.  I have learned that I feel peaceful when I can accept who I am.  I keep the on-off balance so I can make a happy outcome for me, the people around me, and our community.