Monday, June 25, 2012

Off to the Japanese School

June is the rainy season and schools are still in session in Japan.  My childen looked a little nervous about the school they are going to for a few weeks.  The different language, culture, and new environment are good enogh reasons to be sensitive.  But I also know there are something more than language in communication between person to person.  Human to human.

What major facts would help determine your first impression when you see someone new?  The most important fact is your willingness to learn about the person.  The principal looked friendly and welcomed us.  He answered numeral questions of mine.  He tried to ask some questions to us.  His willingness to learn about my children was evident.  Unlike most Japanese administrators, he had a nice smile on his face, too.  A great first impression!  I hope my children had the same  feeling and they will have great experiences with Japanese children for a next few weeks.  Thier curiousity will lead to some great first impressions on everybody and everything they will see in the new school.  These first impressions will be such a remarkable life experiences. 

To maintain the remarkable first impression is similary essential.  In the rainy Monday morning, this principal was at the school gate smiling and greeting each student while coming through.  Not only the impression, but my admiration grew towards the principal's practice.  When the administrator himself demonstrates positive leadership, the whole school seemed to be positive.   Teachers and students are all proud of being in their school.  Action speaks.   That is the universal common sense.  My kids are in the right place in the right time.  That is the mother:s instinct.